Thursday, February 4, 2010

Now it's really been awhile...

My blogging has been like my knitting lately...nonexistent...
I have a really good reason this time!

Welcome Patrick Brendan Court
January 21st 2010
6 lbs 3oz

Patrick is (mostly) a joy to have around. He's a very calm and happy baby. even when he fusses he (so far) has a good reason. He sleeps well at night (except for the occasional sleepless night). Yes I know I have a lot of brackets with adjustments to my statements...but if he was quiet, calm, and non fussy all the time, he would be freakishly lethargic.

Our hospital stay was a long one (5 days) due to minor complications on both our parts, but we have been home for a week and a half and are settling in well.

I haven't been knitting or spinning much at all. I got half a stranded mitten done, and half a bobbin of blue merino/silk done in the past week and a half. I am having minor difficulties with my wrist due to the placement of the IV (not the fault of the nurse, apparently the fault of my curvy, bendy veins). I also find I am able ot sit and do nothing. This is new to me. I can sit and not make things or do things...I can sit and watch TV and ONLY TV. It's weird. I'm not even that tired. It's like I subconsciously believe I have created my quota for awhile and am relaxing. Granted it's not all relaxing with a newborn, there is lots of feeding and diaper changing and laundry and tidying up and holding baby...feeding can take up a huge chunk of time...he eats 2-3 times more than the average baby his age (and he was preterm!) which makes for long feeding times, but I am not complaining because apparently he is sucking the life force out of a totally good way-I'm shedding pregnancy weight like water!

Hopefully I will get my crafting/knitting/spinning bug back soon, there's all kinds of baby stuff I could make...