Monday, May 10, 2010

Photo Montage

A picture says a thousand words right? This weekend Patrick and I headed down for a trip to Saltspring. It's always a good time and getaway. Saltspring is where I lived until I was in grade 12 and I tend to go back every couple of months for a visit.

Patrick travelled well

He was very happy to see the grandparents.

One of my favourite things about going down there is the food...

Fresh fresh fresh eggs, freshly plucked that morning and eaten right away...yummm unborn chickens...

Goatmeal crisp with fresh goatmilk!

Whenever I go down there is always some kind of fibre preparation! This time we were trying out Border Cheviot fleece which was mostly horrible, but I found a small pîece that wasn`t too bad.

Springtime is always great on the mountain because there are always chicks and lambs about.

I will try to remember to get a pic of the lambs in the next post.

No trip to Saltspring is complete without a giant cloud of poisonous gas created by Tim (my brother, and no joke, it really was poisonous gas...)

There was lots of sunshine

Mom always finds awesome dead things for me

A raven skull, the top of a chicken skull, and a racoon skull complete with mandible.

Saltspring is awesome!