Wednesday, June 6, 2012

New SoD

The New Shawl of Doom can be found here!

If you've been following the controversy at all, you know it's been a really hot topic for some people.

For those that haven't been following...

Original Shawl of Doom is posted on Ravelry.
In about 20 hrs, the Shawl of Doom goes crazy viral.  By 24 hrs it is number one on the Hot Right Now board and has nearly 2000 downloads.
Shawl of Doom pattern gets summarily pulled from Ravelry with no explanation.
Discussion, debate, and disagreement ensues on main editing boards, several forums, and through personal messaging between me and a Ravelry Founder.
A group is started to support the pattern
Numberous messages are sent to me and Ravelry re: Shawl of Doom (both positive and negative, although the ones sent to me are overwhelmingly positive)
Eventually an agreement to disagree is reached and I receive permission to post a new pattern.
New pattern is posted here.
New pattern is doing very well, is currently 1st on the Hot Right Now Board and has been really well received!!!

There is SO much more to this.  So many opinions that I could throw around, and a whole lot of impassioned soliloquy I could present right now.  I don't think that I can handle that kind of emotional rollercoaster right now.  I can't even describe what a crazy ride it has been.  If your curiousity is getting the better of you, you can search the forums, aside from some personal messages most of it is out in the open for anyone to see.

I can't even describe how it's felt to have one of my designs for #1, only to have it taken down and told there is no chance of it returning.  To then be given the chance to put one up again, and have that go #1 as well.  it feels like I have accomplished so many things in such a short amount.  It was extremely stressful, and I lost a lot of sleep about it.  The great thing is the deletion process for patterns is being reviewed, and a lot of evolution of the system is being done right now, this can only benefit designers and users!

I have to thank everyone for all their love and support.  I couldn't have done it without all the help I have received from my friends, family and fans!  (Holy crap?!  Fans?!)  There is more knitting hilarity planned for the future and I hope that you will join me on this crazy ass knitting ride!

Friday, June 1, 2012

Shawl of Doom Pattern

Here is the pattern for those of you that aren't on Ravelry.

The Shawl of Doom

When you look in the mirror do you feel a sense of disappointment and disgust? This pattern is for you! This interminable pattern is something that no one in their right mind would ever knit (says something about your personality that you are even considering knitting it, doesn't it?). Akin to self-flagellation, this pattern is ideal for those that have an extreme personality disorder that has self-loathing as a main symptom. Perfect for those that have no friends, no life, and have nothing better to do than knit stitch after stitch in a mindless haze. Nothing says “I hate myself” like knitting The Shawl of Doom! Also recommended as a back-handed gift to that knitter whom you love to hate!!!

Size: As large as you can stand making it. Who knows? How bad is your personality disorder?

Yarn: A minimum of 1600 yds of laceweight, up to 20,000 yds or more depending on your obsessiveness. Anything less than 1600 yds and you obviously don't hate yourself.

Needle Size: Maximum needles size 2.75 mm, anything larger and you don't really mean it.

Notions: Yarn needle for weaving in ends (assuming you make it that far).

Gauge: Really? Somebody would actually have to knit the damn thing and actually care enough to measure it. I mean think about it? Who really cares about gauge on this thing anyways, gauge assumes that you're actually going to finish the shawl at some point, and there's really no point in being so optimistic.

Pattern notes: This shawl is just a giant damn dishcloth. A monkey could knit it. 'Nuff said.


Cast on 4 disappointing stitches. The backwards loop method is the best/worst for this, it doesn't look very good and requires the least amount of effort.

Row 1: k4 (no too bad so far, eh?)

Rows 2-40: k2, yo, k all sts.

44 sts

Row 41: k2, yo, k all sts. Start feeling a cocky sense of accomplishment, start imagining yourself actually finishing the shawl and throwing it in the designer's face. 45 sts

Rows 42-80: k2, yo, k all sts.

84 sts

Row 81: k2, yo, k all sts. Like a crystal meth addict, start believing that you can do anything. 85 sts

Row 82-147: k2, yo, k all sts.

151 sts

Row 148: k2, yo, doggedly k all sts, because by gum, you're going to finish this thing and you're going to LIKE IT!!!! 152 sts

Rows 149-200: k2, yo, k all sts.

204 sts

Row 201: Come to the realization that you now have over 200 sts a row, you are nowhere near done this shawl, and you probably never will be. Have a good cry. k2, yo, k all sts. 205 sts.

Row 202: k2, yo, k all the $%*ing sts. 206 sts

Row 203: k2, yo, k all the stupid *!#king sts. 207 sts

Row 204: k2, yo, k all sts. Stab yourself in the eye with your knitting needle because you'd rather spend 2 days in the hospital than knit another stitch on this piece of crap. 208 sts.

Row 205: Realize it's really easy to knit with monocular vision. Cry out of your good eye. k2, yo, k all sts. 209 sts.

Row 206: Start thinking that an eyepatch is pretty cool. Start feeling misplaced sense of optimism. K2, yo, k all sts. 210 sts.

Row 207: k2, yo, k all sts. Believe that knitting this isn't so bad after a 2 day break in the hospital. 211 sts

Rows 208-234: k2, yo, k all sts. Realize that garter stitch is for douche bags. 238 sts.

Rows 235-302: k2, yo, k all sts.

Row 303: k2, yo, k all sts. Cheat on your spouse. Use divorce court proceedings as knitting time.

Rows 303-363: k2, yo, k all sts. Try to look like a victim during divorce court (the knitting really helps with the image) 367 sts.

Row 364: Realize that you'll never finish this stupid $#%ing shawl and throw it into a deep dark pit.

Row 364: Realize that you HAVE to finish it, because if you don't it means that you are horrible person with no hope in life.

Row 364: Retrieve shawl from pit and clutch it to your chest while rocking gently back and forth and scream “WHY?!” over and over again in a corner of your basement.

Row 364-372: k2, yo, k all sts. 376 sts.

Row 373: Realize you skipped row 364, rip your work back and redo rows 364-372. 376 sts.

Row 373: k2, yo, k all sts. 377 sts.

Row 374: Start thinking row 303 might have been a mistake in the pattern simply because you could really use some support right now. k2, yo, k all sts. 378 sts.

Row 375: Throw it away. Burn it. Throw it off a cliff. Give it to a homeless dude. Perform an exorcism. Unravel sections of it. Cut it up with scissors. Use it as a toilet paper replacement. ANYTHING SO THAT YOU NEVER HAVE TO SEE IT AGAIN.

Row 375-: k2, yo, k all sts.

Bind off for days and !&*ing days.

Weave in ends.


Shawl of Doom goes viral

So...the Shawl of Doom.   (click picture to embiggen)

    I made this pattern for fun, and it was a blast to write.  I didn't think it would do what it did.  I honestly didn't.  I knew it would be popular.  I knew people would get a kick out of it.  I didn't think it would go crazy viral.  (or craycray as my dear friend Amy would say.)
    I had hopes that in a couple days enough people would have enjoyed it to possibly make page 1 of the Hot Right Now board on Ravelry, perhaps comfortable sitting at #28 or 29.  I imagined patting myself on the back and feeling proud of writing something humourous that other people had a chance to enjoy and get a laugh out of.  (Yes, I ostensibly use "ou" in place of "o" whenever possible whether it's correct or not-I am THAT Canadian.)
    I didn't think that I would get to #6 on the Hot Right Now board (as of 10:30AM PST June 1st, 2012).  I didn't think that at this point, it would have 900 unique downloads.
    I didn't think that SO very many people would understand my kind of crazy.  The wonderful thing is that there is so much laughter and commiserating with this pattern that it's turning into a kind of therapy on it's own!
    And really, is there anybody out there that hasn't felt like this with a knitting project at some point?
    Thanks to everyone who faved, started a pattern, frogged it, and ughed it.  Special thanks to the Lovely Stephanie who through Facebook chat was my Muse on this pattern!  Her awesome version of the Shawl of Doom can be found here
    Honestly, I am so flabbergasted I can't even think of anything funny to say.