Friday, June 1, 2012

Shawl of Doom goes viral

So...the Shawl of Doom.   (click picture to embiggen)

    I made this pattern for fun, and it was a blast to write.  I didn't think it would do what it did.  I honestly didn't.  I knew it would be popular.  I knew people would get a kick out of it.  I didn't think it would go crazy viral.  (or craycray as my dear friend Amy would say.)
    I had hopes that in a couple days enough people would have enjoyed it to possibly make page 1 of the Hot Right Now board on Ravelry, perhaps comfortable sitting at #28 or 29.  I imagined patting myself on the back and feeling proud of writing something humourous that other people had a chance to enjoy and get a laugh out of.  (Yes, I ostensibly use "ou" in place of "o" whenever possible whether it's correct or not-I am THAT Canadian.)
    I didn't think that I would get to #6 on the Hot Right Now board (as of 10:30AM PST June 1st, 2012).  I didn't think that at this point, it would have 900 unique downloads.
    I didn't think that SO very many people would understand my kind of crazy.  The wonderful thing is that there is so much laughter and commiserating with this pattern that it's turning into a kind of therapy on it's own!
    And really, is there anybody out there that hasn't felt like this with a knitting project at some point?
    Thanks to everyone who faved, started a pattern, frogged it, and ughed it.  Special thanks to the Lovely Stephanie who through Facebook chat was my Muse on this pattern!  Her awesome version of the Shawl of Doom can be found here
    Honestly, I am so flabbergasted I can't even think of anything funny to say.


metasynthesthia said...

Awe, you make me feel all fuzzy inside!

Honestly, it totally cheered me up after all the ridiculousness with trying repeatedly to get in the zone to make this damn shawl.

Internship Adventures said...

Hilarious pattern, I can't believe ravelry nixed it! I was roaring with laughter as I read through the entirety.