Friday, October 28, 2011

Something for everyone

I missed last weeks post and apparently people were missing it! I didn't realize I had so many avid readers, so I will try to be a little more diligent in the future.

This weeks pattern is the Echo Flower Shawl.

This lovely pattern has been in my Ravelry queue for a very long time and I haven't had a chance to cast it on... ("had a chance"? who am I kidding, I've cast on about 30 different projects since I first put this in my queue...) It's a free pattern with lovely little nupps, it comes in 2 sizes-this is something I lov e since I am not keen on large shawls-I prefer shawlette's, I wear them like a scarf.

I thought I would do something a little different this week and explore a variety of different yarns that this could be knit in. Mainly because I haven't decided what I want yet, but also to show a variety of yarns suitable for different economic situations. At our store we really strive to have a variety of products in a variety of prices ranges-within that scope we really work hard at making sure that all of our products meet a certain quality level so that all fibre artists can make something they can be proud of.

My first choice of yarn is Ancient Arts Fibre Crafts 70% Long Staple Cashmere/30% Silk

This yarn is, without a doubt, the softest most decadent yarn in the store. The colours are deep and rich and the texture of the yarn is unbelievable. If you are planning on knitting something extra special for yourself or a loved one, I definitely recommend this yarn. Dyed in Canada! Cost to knit this project: $75.98 (eep! However, the cost is definitely worth the quality.)

Yarn choice #2 is malabrigo sock

If you've never used malabrigo sock, you are in for a real treat! This yarn is soft and delightful. Malabrigo is well known for their dyeing prowess and this yarn does not disappoint! It is machine washable, which is a bonus. Cost for this project: $25.99

My third choice for this project is Fleece Artist BFL Socks

BFL is a favourite of mine. I love how it is nearly as soft as merino but has more of a shine to it. I find the colours more vibrant in BFL than in merino. This yarn is hand dyed in Canada by an incredible dyer, her colours are incomparable. Cost to knit this project $17.99

All of these yarns are high quality and worth knitting. For the extra special or extra decadent there is the cashmere, for the more economical or everyday wear you can use Fleece Artist. You don't need to sacrifice quality to save money, $17.99 is not too much to pay for a beautiful handmade object that you will enjoy for years to come.

Friday, October 14, 2011


So I did miss posting last Friday, but I have a good excuse- we were at the first ever electrictree yarns retreat! It was a fantastic time and Barb Brown, as always, was an amazing instructor!
It was a great group of knitters, some people I have met at other retreats, and some new faces!
The following photos are courtesy of my Aunt, who was a retreat attendee and blogger!

What a lovely group of knitters! My stepdaughter Mackenzie took the class along with us and did a wonderful job!

Nothing but knitting, and talking about knitting, and learning about knitting (and eating and shopping!) for a whole weekend!

The end result: a goofy bag (which isn't goofy at all) a slew of new techniques and skills, and some new friends!

The next retreat is in the planning stages right now!

Friday's pattern is Omar's Carpet Socks! I would/am knitting these in Diamond Luxury Superwash Merino DK. I chose this yarn for a couple reasons-it's a good solid yarn and it's economical. 1 pair of knee high socks is going to cost $26 (plus the evil HST!)

I am really loving how much more even my stitches are after taking Barb's class!

The store is going really well. It's been great meeting so many lovely knitterly people! The bad thing is being surrounded by yarn and patterns all day. It has increased my Knitter's ADD exponentially. There's always a reason to start a new project-"Oh, I just need to try out these needles! I can't very well sell needles I've never used!" I am really hoping the novelty will wear off so I can get some focus!