Friday, October 14, 2011


So I did miss posting last Friday, but I have a good excuse- we were at the first ever electrictree yarns retreat! It was a fantastic time and Barb Brown, as always, was an amazing instructor!
It was a great group of knitters, some people I have met at other retreats, and some new faces!
The following photos are courtesy of my Aunt, who was a retreat attendee and blogger!

What a lovely group of knitters! My stepdaughter Mackenzie took the class along with us and did a wonderful job!

Nothing but knitting, and talking about knitting, and learning about knitting (and eating and shopping!) for a whole weekend!

The end result: a goofy bag (which isn't goofy at all) a slew of new techniques and skills, and some new friends!

The next retreat is in the planning stages right now!

Friday's pattern is Omar's Carpet Socks! I would/am knitting these in Diamond Luxury Superwash Merino DK. I chose this yarn for a couple reasons-it's a good solid yarn and it's economical. 1 pair of knee high socks is going to cost $26 (plus the evil HST!)

I am really loving how much more even my stitches are after taking Barb's class!

The store is going really well. It's been great meeting so many lovely knitterly people! The bad thing is being surrounded by yarn and patterns all day. It has increased my Knitter's ADD exponentially. There's always a reason to start a new project-"Oh, I just need to try out these needles! I can't very well sell needles I've never used!" I am really hoping the novelty will wear off so I can get some focus!

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LoriAngela said...

Thanks for the link and the chocolate. Barb's lessons were mind blowing!