Friday, September 30, 2011

Is it Friday again?

Wow! What a fast week. How strange to be back in the working world.
This week's pattern is the Crevasse socks. I would knit it in Sea Sock...oh wait...I already AM knitting in Sea Sock!!

I am already finished the leg, turned the heel and have started working the foot.

Seriously...this is my most favouritest sock yarn that I have ever knit with. It's not cheap but I am pretty sure that it's going to feel like my feet are wrapped in hand knit love.

This weekend we are looking forward to redoing our window! Hallowe'en is coming and we have some great ideas for the display! I am hoping that by doing some awesome displays it might give some downtown businesses a "keeping up with the Joneses" attitude and step it up for some downtown displays.

Sometime next week (hopefully) we are getting a whole bunch of new products in! Our first Ashford order will be here! Piles of roving, spinning wheels and knitter's looms! Bolga Baskets will be here soon, they are beautiful Fair Trade baskets from Ghana, I managed to find a supplier that is a better price than some others and is certified Fair Trade.

Nest week will be busy with new stuff! Hooray!

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