Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Kitty Wool

Today I washed a fleece...apparently for my cat...

Can you see her?

How about now?

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Fuzzy Boots

I am making fuzzy boots. It's kind of fun because I had no plan to make fuzzy boots in the first place, but that's where I ended up. I had this idea that I would make myself some felted boots for my SCA garb (the SCA is a medieval re-enactment group). Leather would be more authentic but felted botos doesn't require me to learn a new skill set. I thought they would be a smooth felt, not ridiculous looking mukluks...
I contemplated several different techniques and options, perused the internet for hours looking for a good pattern to no avail. Eventually I decided to design my own. Next came choosing the yarn. The idea is that I wanted to make a pair of thick durable boots. Eventually I choose a six strand "yarn" simialr to White Bufallo. With giant needles that looked like they were more appropriate for staking vampires I knit a giant sock. I mean GIANT. So big, that I could wear it as a toque. I felted it in the washer which was great fun because it looked like there was a giant wet Wookie in the washer. Unfortunately, I didn't get any photos of the process which was great fun.

All in all, it was a fun project and very quick, which is great because knitting time is few and far between right now! (I don't even have time to write this post!)