Friday, January 2, 2009

Do you have enough fibre in your diet?

I can't quite seem to get enough fibre. My doctor told me I need to increase my fibre intake, but it is possible that I may have misinterpreted. I have significantly increased my fibre and I am not really noticing a difference in my digestion. I am, however, noticing a significant increase in my temperature, I seem to be much warmer most of the time, particularly my feet. This is not a side effect that my doctor mentioned, and I wonder if I should be worried. I have added several types of fibre to my life, and think that fibre, in all it's forms, is beneficial. One thing that William Shatner neglects to mention in all his fibre promoting commercials, is that it can be quite detrimental to your pocket book. And, of course, fibre is not covered by medical, so it's a straight out of pocket expense. I sometimes wonder if perhaps fibre is addictive, it certainly seems to be. But I remind myself that I can stop anytime I want to, and that I continue with my fibre endeavours because it's healthy and good for me.
Upon reflection, I have decided to continue with my increased fibre intake, as I have noticed it's beneficial warming effects have been spreading to my friends and family. In the spring, I may find this pandemic effect to be rather alarming, but at this cold time of year, I think we should reap the benefits.

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