Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Holy Startitis Batman!!

I know, I know...I have been rather frighteningly neglectful of my blog of late. It's not for lack of caring, I swear! I have just been really busy, although I will admit that in a lull I considered blogging but vetoed the idea because I realized it took away from precious knitting time.
I finished the asymmetrical cardi and it's freaking awesome! You'll just have to take my word for it because I don't have a pic of it (as usual) and I am at work-my boss might think it was strange if I just up and started taking photos of myself... To give you an idea of it's awesomeness I constantly get complimented on the sweater by friends and strangers alike. Not only that I have had non-homosexual men tell me they think it's nice and they like the colour! So yeah, it rocks, and I loves it.
The bad thing is, after finishing the aforementioned wicked sweater, I have the worst case of startitis! I tried to start the Aeolian Shawl but i have had nothing but trouble with it...this is largely due to my complete inability to read lace charts. I mean, I know how, and I can do it-but somehow when I do lace with a chart it's WRONG! Nearly every row I end up with the wrong number of stitches. I have identified all things I do wrong-e.g forgetting yarn overs, doing a knit stitch automatically after a yarn over but forgetting to count it, etc. Actually, pretty much all my problems with lace chart centre around yarn overs. But even though I know what I am doign wrong, I keep doing it. I feel like I am taking a bat and beating myself in the forehead with it over and over again and then asking "Why do I have a headache." I got to the point where I was 4 stitches out on one row and I yelled "F@*! it" and threw it across the room.
So then I started working on designing my entrelac noro vest...and that was a fantastic learning experience. I learned that I don't know how to count. Seriously, somebody needs to find my kindergarten teacher (her name is Mrs. Gillis and she teaches at St. Mary's in Chilliwack...I think she is still teaching...) and fire her ass, because apparently she let me out of kindergarten unable to count. No really, I counted those damn cast-on stitches 8 times. When I got the same number twice I knit the first row, at the end of the row I recounted and it was out, and no matter how many times I recounted I couldnt' get the same number twice in a row. So I decided to start over and cast on using stitch markers to keep track, except I found that I was unable to frog my knititng because the Noro I was using has a shelf life of 2 months and dissolved upon contact. No really, ended up with 50 little pieces of Noro suited for rug hooking. It kind of makes me wonder if there was a secret misison in the yarn that I somehow overlooked and it self-destructed 5 minutes after using/reading it.
So I decided to start knitting a scarf, simple, mindless. It's working so far but I don't have my hopes up. It's the multi-directional diagonal scarf but I am knitting it out of crazy mohair. Like super-hairy muppet blinding colour mohair. It should be very awesome, or very scary-either way I will be happy.
Meanwhile, while I am doing all of this I SHOULD be finishing the Kilosweater. I have the yarn spun, it's ready to go, the last sleeve is on the needles-but I dont' enjoy knittin git anymore because it was such a dissapointment. But I HAVE to finish it this week since it's for my friend's ANGEE's birthday (which was last week...I know, I am a bad friend...)
Anyhoo, that's the crazy quick update on my life, there's more super cool things going on, but since my lunch break is now over I feel this nagging obligation to go back to work.
Ta ta
(That's right, I totally said "Ta ta")

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