Thursday, July 2, 2009


So I knwo I haven't been blogging much lately and I bet I lost some readers due to lack of posting. I have been crazy busy (one day off from work in 18).
Tomorrow is a big day. Tomorrow is my last day of work with my current employer. I am moving on to bigger and better things. The kind of things that will help make my life happier. The past 2 weeks at work has been particularly stressful what with working so much and my boss being extremely resentful of my leaving. I feel no guilt that I am planning on leaving, I gave 2 weeks notice and I have a good reason. By being so bitter she is merely reaffirming my choice to leave and ensuring that I will never return.
I have been sick that past few days which has been extremely difficult, I am already over tired and spent, as well as emotionally drained. Yesterday I was working the Kamloops Arts Council booth at Art in the Park. I also sang in the Canada Day Idol competition. I am proud to say that I made the top ten out of 34 singers, however with my extreme cold my voice totally crapped out in the semi-finals. My voice cracked a few times and I knew I wasn't going any further. There were some really fantastic singers and it was great to hear them all!
Last weekend I went to my first SCA event (where I was a vendor). For those that don't know the Society for Creative Anachronism is a society for recreating the middle ages. It was fantastic fun hanging out with people dressed up in medieval clothing and calling them by their "persona" names. My SCA name is Grainne Donnghal. I met some super cool people and learned some neat stuff. I bought an absolutely beautiful "nailbinding" (pronounced nahlbinding) needle that is hand carved form bone and learned how to needle felt. I also saw the coolest drinking game on the PLANET. I don't drink but next time I go to an vent I am going to get a "designated drinker" and play. How it works is you face off against another opponent and each of you has a ten foot long metal tipped spear. The game is played at night by torch light so visibility is limited. You take a can of beer, shake the hell out of it and lob it at your opponent who then tries to "spear the beer" if you pierce the beer you then have to shotgun what's left in the can (unless it's a clean kill in which case there is no beer left) if it is neither pierced nor kill the beer you pick it up, reshake it and toss it back at your opponent. It was SO much fun to watch!
So that's what's been going on in my busy life, in between this I have managed to get a new tattoo (a voodoo doll drawn by my 9 yr old stepdaughter), write the newsletter for the Arts Council, do a little bit of knitting and spinning, and give a 14 yr old guitar lessons.
I cannot wait for this weekend!

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LoriAngela said...

All change is difficult, but you are the agent of your own change. It sounds like you are even involved in creating separate realities. Save your guilt for your mother.