Saturday, August 1, 2009

Kamloops to Penticton to Kelowna to Calgary

So here I am at the Calgary Airport blogging away, it's 11pm local time and I have 2 hours until my connecting flight to Toronto, Tiny is blissfully playing Southpark Pinball.

This morning we got up early to drive to Penticton for Tyson and Nicole's Wedding. Tyson is a very dear friend of ours who moved to China nearly 6 years ago. This is the first time we have seen him since the move and the first time we met Nicole. It was a very nice wedding and we had a great time. They did two outfits, western and chinese which was pretty neat.

I like Nicole very mich, they did this neat thing where you wrote down a question for either Tyson or Nicole and they answered the questions for everybody over the microphone. I asked Nicole if she liked He-Man as much as Tyson and if not, did she pretend to? She answered "who is He-Man? I've only heard of She-Ra, and that's how I knew they were meant to be together.
We flew from Kelowna to Calgary and this was the view from the plan. I tried to get a good photo but plan we too bouncy, so I tried video and it turned out OK.
HOLY CRAP THAT'S A BIG ASS FIRE! Even the air inside the plane was super smokey.
When we got above the clouds this was the view.

Looks like an Air Canada Commercial, eh?

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