Thursday, September 3, 2009

Time after time

Lately I have been having a hard time keeping up with blog posts. I have been finding the process a little frustrating-it is so slow to add photos even with my brand new speedy computer that I have a hard time gettting th emotivation to do new posts, and I prefer posts with photos.
I have also been very busy, already spending a lot of time on my computer so adding the time do blog posts is not a high priority. *postscriptum-the layout of this post is a little messed, another frustration with posting...
I have also noticed that the internet has become an outlet for less than happy thought for a lot of the people that I know. It's great that poeple are finding a way to share and I am glad that the internet can be used as a form of therapy but it seems to have the opposite effect on me, I read about everybody else's problems (especially on facebook) and it makes me not want to share. I think maybe people are trying to reach out in a way that is not as intimidating as walking up to a friend and saying "Hey, I have a problem..." and I totally understand that, what I don`t understand is fishing for sympathy and lolling in misery (actually that`s a lie, I understand it only too well and I know how unhealthy it is). I guess I am being slightly hypocritical by complaining about stuff on the internet myself. But I think a lot of misunderstanding is fostered by communication through the internet where inflections and facial expressions are missing. Nothing beats good old fashioned face to face, human interaction.

Our vacation finished well. It ended at just the right time, when we were ready to go home. We saw a lot of really great things and went to some fantastic places. One of the best parts was when we were walking down the street near the gay village in Toronto and 2 guys in bondage gear (seariously, one dude was wearing a leather g-string) were eyeballing Tiny like he was a tasty pastry.
The cats were really happy to see us when we got home.
I have had some pretty severe startitis in the knitting department. I have started many projects but haven't managed to finish anything. Not really sure why. I think maybe it's just that I have way too much yarn available in my stash (is that even possible?)
I just got some Fleece Artist special for an amazing price in an incredible colourway. It seems to be spurring me into a knitting marathon that will hopefully clear up my startitis.
It is Fleece Artist Angel hair and Merino 2.6. It was an great deal, the Angel Hair was basically free. I am knitting a cardigan. The top is the angel hair and the bottom will be the merino. The collar is also going to be merino, I think it will help to hold the shape of the top better. It`s a super quick knit. I am using the Mr. Greenjeans as a guide for the stitch numbers but the rest I am making up as I go. I am doing one thing very different fro how I have done sweaters before and that is, although it is top down, I am knitting the sleeves before the body. This, I think, is a better way to knit wiht a limited supply of yarn. I can weigh how much yarn I have before starting the first sleeve and figure out how long I want to make the sleeve before going on to the next on ebased on the amount of yarn I have left on the ball. I think that would be a great project, to write a book or pamphlet that is a stashbusting guide with basic patterns and ideas on how to make the most of what you have (there`s nothing worse than knitting a patterna nd getting to the ned to find you don`t have enough yarn!!)
Hopefully I will finish the sweater and continue to post!!!!

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