Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Busy Busy Like a Spring Bee!

Things have been extremely busy at both Chateau electrictree. Mother electrictree has been busy working on some amazing new displays for fibre shows and fantastic new patterns! Our last electrictree pattern is the most popular yet and to date has a gratifying 73 hearts on Ravelry!!! We are just tickled (the actual motion is probably more like jumping up and down, high-fiving, fist-pumping, and yelling "YEAH!").

A few new patterns are in the works such as a sock version of the electrictree winter gloves.

A new shawlette in our delightful earthly yarn will be out soon!

And the very strange eurkaryotes pattern should be out late this week, early next in our fun new 100% soy tape yarn!

The dye pots have been burbling away. We had a huge shipment come in last week of soy tape, baby camel, sock yarn, and mink (yes like mink coats, it is so soft it is amazing!)

Here is a photo of some camel yarn and mink yarn spooning in the sun.

Soon there will be another shipment of our already popular ephemeral, expansive and entwine to dye.
We are expanding our line to include spinning fibre, Merino and BFL hand dyed top will soon be available!
In addition I have been practicing for this month Burlesque show! My stage name is Lizzie Borden (yes, like the turn of the century crazy-lady aze murderer,) this show I am singing I'm Tired by Madeline Kahn from Blazing Saddles. If you've never heard it, it's a hoot! Check it out on youtube here. I've made a few changes to it, like nixing the soldier singers and I don't sing with a Bavarian accent. I considered hamming it up like Madeline Kahn but figured that anyone who hasn't seen the movie might not get that it's a joke and that I don't really suck at singing-I have my pride too y'know.

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