Sunday, July 17, 2011

The Rumours are True!!!

I know I was planning on blogging more, I do remember saying that...but I have this issue with blogging-when something exciting is in the works I stop blogging. I seem to get my brain all wrapped around things and can't think of anything else-so I tend to stop blogging until the timing is appropriate.
Well the time is now!!
electrictree yarns is opening it's retail location on September 6th!!!!! We have a lovely location in Downtown Kamloops at 290 3rd Ave. The rest of July and August will be spent painting and prepping the store, ordering yarn, and setting everything up!
There are no words to describe how incredibly excited we are!


LoriAngela said...


kate said...

That's amazing! I'm sad that I am moving this September so I won't be around to enjoy it (but I will be sure to stop by when I'm in town)! Good luck!

Whaletales said...

I'm definitely excited to have a yarn store, right in my own neighborhood.

I imagine you'll know me when you see me -- I'm short, swear like a trucker, and have a lot of little ideas for "amagarumi" critter projects.

Will you guys be selling crochet hooks? I can't seem to find any in town. (I ordered my last set off ebay...)

electrictree said...

We will definitely be selling crochet hooks! Can't wait to see you!