Thursday, November 24, 2011

Curse you infernal machine!!! computer died. This is the 3rd time in twelve months and the fourth time since I bought it 2 and a half years ago. The good news is that I purchased the extended warranty (something I always do for computers since I have yet to buy a computer that doesn't end up needing an extended warranty). The further good news is that this is the 4th time this computer has died and there is a "lemon" clause in my warranty. This means that as soon as it's confirmed that the computer is indeed broken, they will give me a shiny brand new one. I'm switching to Mac. I know there are many people that hate Mac's because of their limits and inability to play awesome games, but I need something stable for the business. Something that is not going to need to go into the shop every 3 months.
While my computer was in the shop, I switched to the backup computer. Yes, we have a backup computer. You don't even want to know how many computers we have... But...the back up computer died. I know! Double You Tee Eff, right? The cord no longer charges the battery. Or the battery no longer charges. Either way, it doesn't work.
So...I switched to the backup backup computer. OK-we don't really have a backup backup computer-it's the Ravelry computer for customers in-store. It's slower than molasses and uglier than sin-but it works! Here's hoping that this computer doesn't die-I'd hate to have to bring the backup backup backup computer into the store because it's REALLY slow. Slower than the slower than molasses computer. Like tectonic plates moving and creating new continents slow. Slow like Austin powers running over that guy with a forklift slow. Slower than the slow food movement. REALLY SLOW!
Yeah, we have a lot of has to do with my brother being in the computer repair/resale business-so I save them all up and periodically give him a big ole box of computers and accessories.
Out of deference to this archaic device that I am currently utilizing, I am not going to post any photos for this blog post (I don't want to be the one to push the poor thing over the edge, neccesitating the use of the backup backup backup computer).
I am going to share my current project with you. It all started as a Family Knit-a-long. My Aunts and the Mom decided to each knit the Bandana Cowl I decided to give it a whirl and knit one on smaller needles for Patrick using Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran and it turned out fantastic! He looks like a little cowboy when he wears it with his plaid shirt.
I knit another one in a navy Diamond Luxury Superwash Aran for my Stepdad's birthday. He can abuse it and throw it in the wash and it should still survive.
I then knit myself one out of Noro Silk Garden.
Today I am knitting another one in Noro for a friend.
I seem to be knitting one a day.
I think I might be obsessed.
I think I'll knit one for my Dad and for my husband since they would be great for wearing while riding a motorcycle (or so my husband tells me, which may have been a rather broad hint).
An important note from knitting this-the author of the pattern claims that it uses approx 100yds. I found it uses way more (probably closer to 120 yds). In order to compensate for this, and because I hate the idea of opening a second ball of yarn for 15-20 yards, I knit each of these from one ball of yarn that was 95-105 yds depending on the yarn. All I did to accomplish this is knit the pattern until I had just enough yarn to do the 6 row garter stitch edge and cast off. I then stopped whatever part of the pattern I was at and started the edge. It's worked really well so far. The knitting police have not showed up to arrest me yet...

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LoriAngela said...

Reading you on a Mac. Let's do another family KAL. That would be a great dog name, like Kal Kan.