Tuesday, June 2, 2009


I got sunburnt this weekend...I mean REALLY sunburnt. My face isn't too bad, it's my shoulders and upper chest (the part that's covered in clothes). My husband had a ball game this weekend and I watched his game while sitting in the sun industriously knitting away. It was a double header and when we wandered over to the beer gardens I had to endure the quick double glances and winces from passersby. Not to mention all the "I thought you were Native..." comments.
Seriously it's been 4 days since I got burnt and I am still super ouchy. The only good thing about it is I got Knitter's Tan. Because I was sitting in my chair with my arms bent knitting, the crooks of my inner elbows are still white. It looks kind of stupid but I am trying to treat it like a badge of honour.
The tank top I am knitting is too big, of course. I have to stop thinking that I am gigantically huge. I couldn't bring myself to frog nearly two weeks of non-stop knitting. Plus it's linen/cotton and kinda splitty the first time around, I imagine it would me much worse the second time. I am going to finish it and wear it anyways. I'll just pretend it's supposed to be all loose and flowy. The irritating thing is I have add 3 inches to it and it is JUST long enough. The pattern increases in width but not in length, how silly is that? Luckily I noticed this and acted accordingly.
I am desperately resisting the call of other projects...

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