Friday, June 5, 2009

Zombie Burn

Warning! This post is kind of gross!

So my sunburn blistered today...I got burnt on Saturday and it blistered today. It's really you don't understand REALLY gross. I am not squeamish in any way, I have poked livers heavily affected with cirrhosis in the morgue. I have eaten muktuk. I have plucked chickens and killed and gutted fish. I used to eat catfood and match stick heads (when I was 5 or 6 years old, not recently psshh that'd be gross). I have helped pull a breach calf outta it's momma. I think dead animals are "interesting". But this sunburn is...well it's GROSS.
It blistered and was oozing which I didn't think was tha gross although it did sting. But I was sitting in front of my computer wondering what that SMELL was. It smelled revolting, like death or infection. I can only describe it as what I imagine zombies would smell like...I looked around checked my feet (seriously it's sandal season it's entirely possible that my feet smell like death.)
When I realized the smell was me, well then I got completely grossed out.
I wonder if I have ebola, or maybe necortizing fasciitis...or maybe I am slowly turning into a zombie and this is just the first step of my "death". I guess if I stop blogging you'll know that I have departed for a life of (or death of) eating human brains and groaning uncontrollably.
I might actually start liking the song "Thriller"
It's times like this that I really miss Herman the Spider. I feel like we have a lot in common now...


LoriAngela said...

One word: flamazene. Go ask your Pharmacist.

electrictree said...

Wow that's a cool word..."FLAMAZENE!" :)