Tuesday, March 16, 2010

It's all coming together

Things are finally coming together on the fibre front. I actually finished a project!
I love the rainbowiness of this shawl...even though I don't wear rainbows...I am not sure what i am going to do with this shawl, I have an image of it in my head looking good wrapped around my neck while I am wearing a jean jacket...except I don't own a jean jacket.

I have been working rather diligently on "the" sweater. I am hoping to be finished in under a week. I have a really crappy picture of it to show you-

Patrick has slept long enough today for me to take on my latest planned etsy project

So far my etsy store has deal almost exclusively in handspun yarn but I am experimenting on expanding (and alliterations it seems). I am now going ot be including some spinnign supplies. Welcome electricbats!
I am going to do 2 lines of batts, premium electricbatts and econoelectricbatts. I am doing the econoelectricbatts because I want to make sure that I have something that is affordable for everyone. I am also adding an art yarn kit with all kinds of yummy fibres and ribbons if it sells, I'll do more. Eventually I'd like to do an art yarn kit of the month club (there are already a bajillion batt of the month club so why not something different?)

On top of all that I have been getting lots of work done on the research front. All with a minimal amount of sleep!

It feels good to be productive!

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elderberryfarm said...

Love the electrobatts!!!