Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Somethings Afoot

Recently I have learned that Patrick has thrush. Thrush isn't a particularly serious affliction but it can make life difficult. It is possible that thrush has been at the root of all our problems with nursing. I just wish it could have been dealt with weeks ago, Patrick is exclusively nursed and having major diffiulties with nursing at times has taken over our lives and can take some of the joy out of new parenthood. I had been to the breastfeeding clinic three times, the first 2 times were great, I dealt with helpful, caring nurses who helped both of us while being so reassuring at a time when I felt a whole lot of despair and hopelessness. The last time I went the nurse was not reassuring or helpful at all. She was either having a bad day or didn't like me personally. She told me there was nothing she could do for the pain and she had absolutely no suggestions on how to help (that is actually how she phrased it "I don't know what to do, I haven't even written anything on your file.) She told me that because Patrick was gaining weight everything was fine. (Because weeping uncontrollably from extreme pain and having to express 50% of the time is "fine") A month later I find out it's likely that we've had thrush all along. I don't fault her for not knowing what was wrong but I do wish she had at the very least recommended a doctor visit.

One of the solutions is a simple one and inexpensive. Gentian Violet. It's over the counter and about $6. The doctor had prescribed an ointment for me but Patrick hated the taste and refused to nurse (while screaming). Gentian Violet seems to be working...

Although it's a little difficult to take him seriously when he looks like that, I now have a bad habit of laughing when he cries...cause really...look at him!

I finally finished the Luminen Sweater. It is the greatest thing I have ever knitted. I have knit other things that looked better, but not other things that looked better on me! I still have to buy the clasps and sew them on but it's finished blocking and looks amazing!

Hey look...there are my toes...

I have also been knitting the Sleepy Hollow socks. Yarn Harlot knit them and I thought they were so cool that I bought the pattern right away. I bought some yarn that I thought was ideal but when I cast on and knit one repeat the pattern was totally obscured by the yarn variegations. I immediately frogged and switched to some Noro Silk Garden Sock I picked up in Duncan and it looks awesome!

Even better the first sock finished at the exact point to start the second one so it matches! I modified the sock so that the pattern doesn't stop mid leaf-I hate it when patterns do that! So the last 2 leaves go down the toe while I am doing the decreases, they look all pretty and stuff.

Oh and I also figured out a way to take pictures of my own feet that doesn't look gimpy!

Last weekend we went to Saltspring for Easter. It was a great trip and Patrick travelled really well. While we were there Mom, Mackenzie, Patrick and I went on a yarn crawl in Duncan and Victoria (I also ended up going to the yarn store on Saltspring). It was so much fun and I went to the Beehive Wool Shop in Victoria for the first time. I was literally giddy with excitement. Beehive yarns is such a great store with so many amazing yarns. I actually hyperventilated while I was there and eventually we had to leave because I couldn't handle the extreme yarniness of it all. I picked up some great stuff on my trip-Fleece Artist fibres and a discontinued Noro from the Loom in Duncan, Mirasol Merino Sock (in an awesome sunflower looking colourway) Habu silk and Noro Silk Garden Sock from Beehive in Victoria, and Mini Mochi and Noro Silk Garden Sock from Stitches on Saltspring. I went on a bit of a sock rampage...I couldn't control myself!

I am really looking forward to my next project! I have no idea what it is and for some reason that completely excites me! It could be anything! Another pair of socks! Another sweater! Something lacy! The possibilities are endless!


longdogyarns said...

what one is my bday gift?

electrictree said...

The discontinued noro at the very bottom of the pic

longdogyarns said...

lol. I was joking. whoops. I don't need anything, silly!
I can't wait to see the sweater in person... then you can take it off and grope it for a while... (I know how you like personal space).

electrictree said...

LOL but I actually picked that yarn out for you! It's a fun noro that has this nifty plasticy stuff wrapped around it. I made a hat with it once that turnout really cute.

longdogyarns said...

Ooooh. I can't wait to see it then. I love crazy funky yarns. I have been busy making batts and dividing up fleece for the craft show at heritage house on the 24th.