Sunday, April 25, 2010


This weekend Patrick and I went to the Twist of Fate Retreat at Sun Peaks! Sivia Harding instructed us on beaded lace. It was a blast! My aunt was also there so it was a nice visit. She brought me some yarn, it's my first skein of Socks that Rocks and I might sleep with it under my pillow I love it so much.

My aunt has been knitting for quite a bit longer than me so by giving me yarn I think that makes her kind of like a drug pusher...

Sun Peaks is a small ski village, and there aren't even a dozen shops there but my aunt and I somehow managed to find yarn! There was a clothing store that had a couple baskets in the corner.

I bought a skein more for the principle of the thing rather than from any real need or desire.

The pattern we knitted is called the Ophidian Shawlette and it's a lovely little garment knit in soft fingering weight yarn. Picking out our yarn and beads was enjoyable and there was much covetting going on after choices were made. There's nothing like hanging out with other knitters to reassure me that my knitting obsession is not totally insane! It makes me wonder if crazy people don't feel crazy in the nuthouse!

Unfortunately I was so obsessed with the actual knitting, I didn't take any photos until the last hour of the retreat...

So just imagine people more peppy and excited and that's what the retreat was really like...

In addition to the Ophidian Shawlette, Sivia also showed us her stash of beads and I couldn't help but think that beads are so tiny and a bead stash must not be as guilt inducing as a yarn or fibre stash! We also learned some new cast-off techniques and blocking.

The whole weekend was yarn-knit-bead gluttony and I loved it! Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory was across the street from the hotel which really helped with weekend enjoyment.

During Sivia's blocking demonstration my knitting (in the orange) got a little fresh with some other people's projects.

The first thing I did when I got home was take a whole bunch of pictures of my knitting, this is something my friend Kirsten calls Yarnography (...kind of like pornography...only with yarn...)

See the pretty beads? They were clear with a copper coloured lining, but showed up all warm golden when introduced to the knitting.

I took pictures inside and outside but unfortunatrely my cheap little camera couldn't do the colour of the yarn justice.

It was a wonderful time and Sivia is a great person who really has a knack for teaching!


longdogyarns said...

WOW!! your bead lace knitting is beautiful! good job with that yarnography!

Socks that rock is an amazing yarn. I have a few skeins in my stash that are longing to be something. But I"m on a semi-solid kick right now and all my colors are highly variegated. I am planing on signing up for the fall retreat.

oooh my word verification today is "prefrost"

LoriAngela said...

A good time was had. Thanks for sharing your baby tiny. Your lace looks even better in person!