Monday, September 6, 2010


I have been rather neglectful of my blog lately. Things have been really busy lately and I have found that I prefer doing things rather than write about them when my time is strapped.
The busyness has not been a bad thing, some of it has been lots of fun. I have recently begun playing guitar again and so practicing has taken up a fair amount of time. This guitar playing differs significantly from the playing I did as a teen. I am lot less self conscious and less worried about playing it exactly as the original artist did. Consequently while my skill level is lower, I think that I am a better player. I sing now too, which I never did before. I hav ebeen having lots of fun finding songs to play and sing and I got to play at the Bizarre Bazaar (a local artisan market) which was a great experience.
I have been doing a lot of yarn dyeing and am exciting to be doing some work with my Mom on that score. We will be debuting our yarn products at the Summerland Fibre Festival on October 9th! I am really looking forward to the work and slowly expanding our business into a yarn empire!
Patrick has ...expanded... he's much larger, weird how that happens... he can sit up on his own, roll over front to back and back to front, popped his first tooth and will be doing the second and hour now. He charms every person he meets. Right now he is in the Jolly Jumper jumping on Mackenzie's head...
Mackenzie goes back to school tomorrow and we had a good time shopping for school clothes. We went to Winners and got some great deals on some "fancy pants" (my name for trendy jeans). I spent the morning hemming jeans and steampunking a shirt for her. She gets her haircut this afternoon and is excited to be going back to school with "the best wardrobe ever."
My next post will be all about yarn!!! I should be getting a yarn order in this week for dyeing!

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