Thursday, September 16, 2010


Lately. my life has been filled with colour! I have been dyeing yarn for my and Mom's electrictree endeavour! I am really enjoying experimenting with colour and creating what I planned or being pleasantly surprised with a colour combination! Right now I am trying to pick what colour to knit for a sample.

I have been trying to make sure I dye colours that might not be my favourite (as well as coolours I love of course!) so that there is something to appeal to a broader range of tastes.
I have also joined a chorus group! It's so much fun! Tuesday was the first night I went, it's a four part harmony barbershop style singing group and apparently I sing lead or bass (which all the bass singers were ridiculously excited about.) The first song we are learning is Little St. Nick by the Beachboys (which of course means we'll also be able to sing Little Deuce Coupe) The regular members were rather excited about how ridiculously excited I was to be singing with them!
This Friday (tomorrow, egads!) I am going to be singing the National Anthems at the Storm Hockey game. The Canadian National Anthem is no big deal I have done it lots, but I have only sang the American one once, and it's a hard weird song to sing (I have a hard time remembering the lyrics because most of the time they don't make sense...) I'll have my cue card with me jus tin case!

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LoriAngela said...

Great dying! I'm singing with our Festival Chorus: this Christmas it's Handel's Messiah! Lots to learn.