Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Ummm...I can't handle this...

Seriously...the Yarn Harlot just made my life extremely difficult. I was reading a recent post where she explains her weakness for a kit. This is often the case in her blogging, and while I often like the kits/patterns she chooses, I am rarely enamored of them. This time it's different. This time I saw the link and just about fainted in my seat. Then I made a huge mistake. A mistake I will forever regret. I started browsing through the rest of the kits on the website.
I am already a huge fan of habu, but now I am a fanatic. I feel horribly empty inside because I don't have one of these kits.
This is ridiculously greedy. For more reasons than the obvious. the fabulous lady from Long Dog Yarns is moving to Vancouver and she gave me 4 bags of yarn and fibre. And it's beautiful stuff, it's not all the crap that nobody wants-there's some really fantastic stuff! I am knitting a sweater with some of the Noro sock that she gave me. There's a whole giant garbage bag of hand dyed merinoX roving. It's her own dyeing and I absolutely LOVE the colours.
So really-I have enough yarn to clothe me, my family, and 3 generations of descendants through the apocalypse and all I can think is that if I don't get my hands on a habu kit I might actually die.
It's a cruel world...