Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A time for change

There's a lot going on at our house right now. My youngest stepmonster has moved in with us Monday to Friday. It's a good move and one we have been working towards for many years. But it's still a change and we are still settling in and pushing boundaries. Patrick is very excited to have his big sister around so much.
Patrick has been growing like a weed, despite my best efforts to deprive him of sustenance thereby ensuring a small and docile child. He's mostly eating the same foods as the rest of us now and we only resort to baby food when we eat unhealthy (like fast food). He says "Dada", "Mama", and "Banana". He can wave goodbye and loves clapping his hands.
There's a lot of good yarniness going on at my house. I have been doing a lot of dyeing in preparation for Fibres West
I just dropped off our first whole sale order to Twist of Fate. Our yarn line now has Merino/Nylon Sock, Merino Laceweight, Superwash worsted weight, Silk laceweight, and Silk Noil fingering weight. We are also going to have Shetland roving, angora fibre and Qiviut!! For those not in the know Qiviut is the soft underfibre from the Musk Ox. It is one of the softest and most decadent fibres in the world. It's expensive and rare so we're pretty excited to have it! Fibres West is at the Abbostford Ag-Rec centre on March 18th-19ty

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