Monday, May 30, 2011


It's been a busy week at Chez electrictree! New colours have been in development. The dye pots have been crazy busy and are about to get busier!

This is my favourite new colour! It is called "fresh fig" and took 2 weeks to develop with many one of a kinds skeins created along the way! I had the colour in my head and just kept messing around until it all came together. I am quite enamoured of this colour.

Much, much more dyeing is in the forefront! The lovely Caroline Sommerfeld of Ancient Arts Fibre Crafts just made a ginormous order for electrictree yarn! And she's taking it to SOCK SUMMIT!!! I can't even describe how incredibly excited I am!!!! Like 4 exclamation points excited!!!!

I have been developing a new pattern that I am really excited about. It's a colourwork pattern and is based on the Frogger video game! The pattern class for 6 different colours, so it will be available as a pattern for purchase as well as a a kit.

Our new sock yarn is particularly conducive to stranded colourwork!

We have been releasing several patterns under the electrictree brand. They are available on Ravelry. Recently a raveler decided to do the eukaryotes pattern and modified it in a rather ingenious way. She attached it to the Nessie Scarf and the effect is fantastic!

I think it's perfectly suited to the project and I love the yarn choice! It's absolutely thrilling, as a designer, to have my pattern not only knit, but done in such a creative manner! If you get a chance check it out and tell her how wonderful you think it is!

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LoriAngela said...

Wow, Sock Summit! I would go, but I'm at my camp already. Hope the rock stars knit with it. I spun!!!