Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Zee colours, my god zee colours!

This week has been busy on the dyeing front! (That's dyeing, not dying!)
I've been spending a lot of time developing colours and have a few that I am very happy with. I'ts funny how at first the fact that I was missing some colours was frustrating, later became and excuse to be creative.
Right now I am dyeing lots of fibre for spinning and a whole bunch of yarn. the yarn is for a new special pattern I am developing. I have it all charted out, I jsut have to get the yarn dyed and test knit it! The knew pattern will be....Froggersox! That's right! I love the classic arcade game, and decided to make some fun socks based on the game. I have altered them enough to prevent copyright infringement but still have them be immediately recognizable. The socks will be available as a kit or as a pattern for sale. I think the kits will be the most economical since there are 6 colours in the sock. I think a 6 colour hand dyed sock kit is a wonderful thing! This is one of those times that having a big foot is a good thing! I'll use my yarn amounts as the max amount of yarn (plus a little extra of course) in the kits!
I have 2 new colours that I think turned out really well, and one more in development! Here's a sneak peak at the new shades. (Imagine with more vibrancy since my camera tends to wash things)

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LoriAngela said...

Beautuful colours! I am almost ready to start trying my spindle. We should do something against Cinderella. Not welcome in our house.