Sunday, March 13, 2011

Book Review!!!

Ok...maybe it's not a book review...maybe it's more like a book gush, or an "Ode to Book."
I just purchased Knitting Knee Highs: Sock Styles from Classic to Contemporary by Barb Brown. (Rav link here). It's a beautiful book full of amazing patterns that are fully adaptable to a variety of styles.

Here is my copy of the book lovingly nestled in some of my hand dyed yarn destined for Abbotsford.

Here is the inscription from Barb. See? We're practically BFF's!! I shared a room with Barb at a knitting retreat and she has bionic eyes (no joke here, it's totally awesome...I think she might secretly have lasers in them or something). So of course, I think she's a totally rad person.

I love this book. I had to force myself not to toss my current UFO's out the window and cast on socks. They pattterns are beautiful. They come from a variety of ethnic inspirations and a wide variety of styles. You can do knee-highs, you can knit regular socks, ankle socks, or even leg warmers! The possibilities are endless. I am already planning my first pair!
This morning when I went downstairs to the dye pots in preparation for next weekend I had a list of colourways that I wanted to do. The list was tossed off to the side and I started experimenting with colours especially for me, so I can knit the socks in this book in the colours that I want! I just made a colour way that I think I will call "Barb's Browns." (If Barb will let me that is!).

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Great blog! My favourite socks!