Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Holy Crazy Woman Batman!

Normally I save my ranting for my Facebook friends, but I wanted to tell you a little story about a woman I saw this morning. I was driving the stepbrat to school when all of a sudden she said "There is some woman driving and she's using her phone!" For anyone not from this part of the world, last year a law was instituted that makes it illegal to use handheld devices while driving. This makes fantastic sense since you use your hands for driving... I thought it was great that Mackenzie was disugsted by this woman. I'm proud of her for thinking of things like this (although she's 11, so who 2 years she might think it's "cool!").
I glanced over thinking she's talking on her phone and this woman is texting while driving and her other hand she has a cigarette! Now I am no math whiz, but I am reasonably sure that 2 hands minus one hand for texting, minus one had for smoking equals somewhere in the vicinity of zero.
Man was I mad! She's not only putting her life in danger, she was putting my life in danger and the lives of my kids. About 10 seconds later we were stopped at an intersection side by side. I couldn't resist making sure she knew what I thought. Really, I used to be a lot worse. I used to be much louder and more outspoken (hard to believe, I know.) But I have tried really hard to mellow out with age. However, there are just some things I cannot be quiet about-anything that effects my family's safety is one of those things. I think that if everybody keeps "minding their own business" than we make things like this quasi-socially acceptable. So I honked my horn and when she looked up from her phone, cigarette gracefully grasped between her fingers, her mouth an "O" of surprise-I made a phone to my head gesture while mouthing the word as if she was hard of hearing ("PHO-ONE!"), made an angry face and a full swining hand chopping motion.
I honestly thought she would be angry and rudely gesture back, but apparently I frightened her and she looked completely embarassed and spent the rest of the time very carfeully driving in my blindspot so I couldn't see her.
I only feel slightly guilty that I wonder if I could knit while driving...

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