Sunday, March 6, 2011


Fibres West is coming up soon! On March 18th and 19th electrictree yarns is going to be there slogging our wares! the house is redolent with acrid scent of fresh dye and dead bugs (what can I say, that's what silk smells like...). I love the masses of yarn that are drying all over the house.

Sorry about the picture quality, I no longer have a good camera and now have to take stills from my camcorder until I can find a replacement.

We have expanded our line. We have merino/nylon sock (extremity), merino/silk fingering (ephemeral), superwash worsted (expansive), silk noil light fingering (earthly), and silk laceweight (exquisite.) We will also have a variety of fantastic accessories, bamboo lazy kates, raw fibre (shetland, mohair, angora, and hopefully quiviut!).

We are really excited about this event, it's our 3rd fibre fest, but it's our first major one. We are one of over 30 booths. This will be the largest one I have ever been too! The hardest part will be not splurging on ridiculous amounts of yarn and fibre!

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