Monday, February 23, 2009

Swatches Lie Like a Mofo

So I had got to the point where I was almost finished my lovely Kilosweater. The one I have been knitting forever. I modified it to have 1/2 sleeves, partially as a survival technique, because if I had to knit on it much longer I would probably stab myself in the eye with a knitting needle, and partially because I don't like long sleeves very much... I had one sleeve finished but needed some more fibre to finish it (and bring it up to the fabled kilogram weight). I started sewing it together and once I got one side done I tried it's absolutely HUNORMOUS!!! I swatched, got gauge, followed the pattern for a L/1x-now I am by know means a small person, particularly in the chestly area. I'm 5"10 and a big lady. This thing is WAY to big for me.
OK, let's come up with a hypothetical situation involving me wearing this. Say I get knocked up and have need of a lovely comfortable merino/silk sweater made of $100 worth of hand spun yarn (that's $100 for the fibre, not the yarn) and I suddenly remember the monstrosity I built that I threw in the back of the closet in a fit of rage. I dig it out and try it on in my whale-like 9th month...I then throw it back into the closet, because unless I am the insane octuplet lady the damn thing is NEVER going to fit.
Ironically enough, I have a friend who constantly and jokingly asks me "So when is my sweater going to be finished." and I always saucily answer "Never." I phoned her last night and told her that I knit her a lovely green sweater...since she has seen me knitting at all stages of the sweater she thought that was pretty funny, and she is pretty happy to be getting a beautiful hand knit, hand spun, merino silk sweater in her size.
I was pretty upset, until I sat back and thought about it today and realize that I spun and knit a 4x sweater in 18 days. That's pretty freakin' awesome. Especially since it is not as if I had been doing this sweater and nothing else, at the same time as knitting this I have been working full time.
The bad thing about this is that I constantly joke to my husband that I will never knit him a sweater because he is too big-he's a large fella with a 52" chest. I think my exact words were "I would knit you a sweater, but I don't love you enough." Now I have knit a sweater that is to big or him and I no longer have any excuses. I have to listen to "Oh sure you knit soandso a sweater but not me?"
SO now I am onto my second sweater, a lovely teal creation with an entrelac yoke and hem (look it up on ravelry it's call the Valhalla Sweater.) I was about to swatch, and I stopped and looked at the Kilosweater that was draped obscenely over the arm of the couch (I think it was taunting my in all it's ginormity)... I said "F*!k it!" Cast on , and started knitting the sweater sans swatchin'.

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