Wednesday, May 6, 2009

F!*%$in' Rabbit

So the first thing I saw this morning was this...
So I ate the F!*%$in' thing...

I dyed some romney roving with kool-aid and it turned out pretty awesome.
It's coral, pink and purple. It should spin up pretty vibrant. Kool-Aid, Vinegar, Water and a Slowcooker.

We have been spending a lot of time with lambs. Frieda had triplets and is only willing to look after one so the other two are int he house getting bottle fed.
Their names are Oliver and Dodger. There was some worry with Oliver at first because he had to be forcefed, but Dodger is a voracious little bugger. You can stuff him full and he will be unable to drink anymore and he will still suck on your arm while you are feeding his brother.

I finished knitting the Birthday Yarn socks. They are super comfy and smooth, they are light enough I might be able to wear them in the summer.
I also finished one fair isle sock.
This is my first solo Fair Isle project and I am pretty happy with how it's turned out. I think I might do the second one in negative...

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LoriAngela said...

I'm glad you put the rabbit out of its misery. Good luck with the lamb heroics. You make me homesick for the island and I've never even lived there.