Sunday, May 3, 2009

The Rock

This morning I got up and went to Saltspring...really early...really, really, early...I got up at 3:15 am. It sounds crazy I know, but when I get up that early I get to my parents house at about noon instead of in the evening so it's like getting a whole extra day there! The trip was fairly uneventful (Except for the part where I really had to pee and there was nowhere to stop, and then I had a severe sneezing attack and thought I was going to pee my pants...not cool...)

I bought this cool ring in Tsawassen for $20 (on sale) it's peridot and I love how it is offset.
I took some pictures of Saltspring from the ferry. Yes I was willing to let myself look like a freaking tourist just for you my intrepid blog followers...

The mountain in the background is Mt. Maxwell where my parents live.
Honestly, sometimes I miss the ocean so much that it is almost physically painful.
After taking the photos I went back to my car and almost freaked out because I thought there was a spider in my pop.
But it turned out to be a bit of fluff. It made me miss Herman the Spider. I am sure he is on my computer patiently waiting for me to return.

In the afternoon we went to Ruckle Days and I forgot my camera. It's at Ruckle Park which is a Heritage Farm. I had a Lion Burger (which is almost as good as a slug burger) watched the blacksmith, talked to some sheep, and watched a chainsaw demonstration. I briefly flirted with the idea of stealing some of the wool from the fibre display but decided not to because it wasn't particularly high quality and if I was going ot commit a crime it should be for the good stuff.

There was an incredible rainbow this afternoon. You can say what you want about hating rain, but you can't have rainbows without it!
You can see at the bottom the little Airstream trailer I stay in when I visit (if it's not too cold!)

There were some strange goings ons throughout the day that involved some chocolate bunnies. Mom had put them in the freezer and somehow they got out onto the counter so she put the in the cupboard. After supper I walked in to see this:

How did he get there? Did he break free from the other bunnies? Is there some kind of strange Cocoa Watership Down going on at my parents house? Not gonna lie, it weirded me out a little bit...

I finished the mystery project on the ferry, which is a Wrenna sweater for Mom for Mother's Day. Here it is blocking:
I also hung out with Calypso for a bit. She was a kitten last time I saw her but now she is all growed up!
Now after a night with less than 2 hours sleep it is time for bed!

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