Friday, March 27, 2009


Ok I know "Holy Crap!" is not literary genius...but seriously HOLY CRAP!! This wonderful lady from karaoke gave me an amazing gift. Now keep in mind that while I have known this lady for a couple years I do not know her well at all, we don't travel in the same social circle or anything, we ar emere acquaintances. But she saw me knitting and often would check out my progress. She told me she had tonnnes of yarn and offered some to me. Not knowing what it was I said I would love to have it. Even if it was horrible acrylic yarn I figured I could make a couple machine washable things for my stepdaughter and then maybe donate the rest to a seniors centre or something. What she gave me was this:

30 balls of beautiful 100% virgin icelandic wool. 20 balls of grey and 10 balls of heathered red and it's GORGEOUS. Yes icelandic wool, actually from iceland. This comes from sheep descended from Erik the Red's sheep.

She's my new best friend.

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