Friday, March 6, 2009


I just spent the last hour and a half untangling a skein. Not just any skein mind you, but a 200gm skein of 437 yards DK weight. to give you an idea of the sheer mass of yarn that comes in one of these monstrous skeins, keep in mind that I am knitting myself a long sleeve, long sweater in a 1x size and only using 3 skeins (probably just under 3 skeins). This skein was hell on earth. It was like the person that was running the machine that skeins the yarn fell asleep at the controls and periodically would shift in their sleep causing the machine to go reverse and forwards at random intervals. It was a hideous mass of messiness.
I ended up having to wind it by hand, which wouldn't have been so bad except that I had to weave the ball I was winding in and out of the skein to untangle it. Seriously, I ended up with a ball of yarn that is almost as big as my head. And my noggin is on the ginormous side...

Everything was going so well with the sweater, and I was SO happy, that I must have seriously pissed off the knitting gods...I was going to say something about how it could be worse, but I think I shall refrain until the damn thing is finished!

If you read in the paper about how some crazy woman beat the crap out of some poor underpaid wool mill worker, know that they deserved it!

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