Monday, March 16, 2009

Knitting Like There is No Tomorrow

So I started the 4 Day Challenge yesterday (the knitting one, not the All-Bran one). I will post pics tonight when I get home from work. Yes I am blogging from work-but it's lunch break so that makes it OK in my books.
I believe I will make my 4 day deadline. Especially since I totally cheated and modified the design...I did the patterning on the front, but I have changed the bottom half of the back to stocking stitch. There were 2 reasons for this besides laziness (believe me I am not undermining the power of laziness to make me modify a design, I just want to point out that in this rare instance there are other considerations).
Reason number 1-the lace part of the pattern is charted. I don't care what anyone says I hate charts. I can make them work for colourwork, but they are the bane of my existence for lace. It doesn't matter how many times I do charted lace, I will screw it up over and over again. I constantly miss yarn overs. All the time, so that when I get to the next row I have the wrong number of stitches. It doesn't matter that I have identified the problem, believe me I had a "Eureka!" moment when I realized I was making a consistent mistake, because I thought that meant it was solvable. It was not. I still do it, I make the same mistake over and over again-thousands of times to the point of insanity. I bet just reading about my lace chart trials makes you want me to not knit lace.
The second reason why I switched to stocking stitch on the back of the sweater is because the pattern doesn't show up that nicely with the yarn/needle combination I am using. So I decided it was too much work (there is that lazy thing again) for something that doesn't look that great.
The cool thing is this pattern is super easy to modify-so I can make cardigans galore in all colours and sizes inexpensively and quickly. I am going to buy some machine washable/dryerable acrylic (barf) and knit my stepdaughter one, it should knit in less than two days. If she lived with us I would use wool, but since I don't do her laundry it has to be safe for some rough treatment.
Tonight is pool night so I should get some good knitting in between games!
I am going to Fibres West this weekend in Abbotsford. I am super excited and for once glad that my paycheque was late! It's easier to save money for yarn if I don't have my impulse buying fingers on it!
Speaking of paycheques, I am getting my paycheque today and going to the store to buy a whole bunch of stuff for the local Women's Shelter. The Women's Shelter in Kamloops is run by the Y. I encourage anyone who can to donate money or items to your local Women's Shelter. It's a great way to make a really positive impact on your community. I always try to add a few frivolous things to my donation to go with the neccesities-chocolate, pretty jewelry or makeup. It's such a horrible time for women (and often their children) so I try to add something to brighten things up.
Also I just noticed that the plastic lids for disposable coffee cups are recyclable...

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