Tuesday, March 17, 2009

I am the awesomest person ALIVE!

So I was knitting like a crazed woman-imagine me knitting with my hair flying back, lips bared in a teeth grinding grimace, sparks flying from the tips of my needles-because I had to make The Sweater Challenge and I didn't want to end up being a hobo and crocheting (see previous post to understand this reference). So in between working, doing a s#!tload of glasswork and all the other things people need to do to survive (yeah I know this totally destroys your theory about me being an alien-I do need to do the basic human things to) I managed to finish the sweater 5 minutes ago. Now I thought this meant I finished it with about 15 minutes to spare before I was onto the 5th day. But apparently I am a total freak and got my days mixed. I knit it in 3 DAYS! I guess I found that rift in the space time continuum after all...now to make my certificate and find a frame...
Off to bed, you can see pics tomorrow.

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