Sunday, March 1, 2009

Sunday, Bloody Sunday

Honestly, I feel like I am hung over today. Since I haven't had a drink in almost 6 years, I feel a little put out by the feeling.
This weekend has been super eventful. My stepdaughter came on Friday and she is staying with us for a week. With her she brings her delightful son who bears a striking resemblance to my husband. I took special joy in the fact that he was cranky all morning until I (Grammy) picked him up and we spent a delightful hour wandering around the house and looking out windows.
He is an absolutely delightful child full of laughter and smiles, and when he gets cranky or starts barfing, I hand him back to his Mom.
I sang in the Karaoke Bar Wars Finals last night. I sang really well. I mean really, really well. I am a far better singer than I was last year and I rocked my songs. I don't care if that sounds arrogant, I know I sang ten times better than I did last year. Strangely, last year I got second, and this year I didn't place at all. But I was also the only person singing rock and roll. Out of 19 singers, all the rest sang country or pop. The awesome part, was that I was singing Rock and Roll and I had at least a half dozen elderly people tell me they liked my voice. I was sad I didn't place, but this year I made a point of singing what I wanted to sing rather than what I thought would help me win. I had an awesome time, and I had the whole bar absolutely screaming. I had over a dozen total strangers tell me that they thought I should have won or placed, which was gratifying.
I have been working diligently on my Valhalla Sweater , it is coming along beautifully and now that I am done all the entrelac the body feels like it's being knit at the speed of light! Swish!
Tomorrow I am back at work and I can't even begin to describe how very much I don't want to go. My boss will be back next week, she has been gone on vacation for over a month. I think as soon as she comes back I am going to take a week off as vengeance. I know it's petty, but she really left me holding the fort, and the work definitely did not match my paygrade.
I would love to continue writing and come up with some clever and witty for my readers (few though they may be, I usually try my best!) but unfortunately my knitting holds sway right I will bid you adieu until I become frustrated yet again with stocking stitch.

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